Sochi city view

Our photo project artistically depicts most striking and unusual views of Russia's south. We took these photos during our vacation tourism, the Black Sea resort tours and cruises.

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Sochi city view
Sochi city and the Black Sea panoramic view from the high part of Sochi Dendrarium · Sochi photos :: Photos of Russia

Sochi stretches along the Black Sea coast of Russia. This is fairly large city in Krasnodar region of Russia with a population of about 400 thousand people and it is a part of the "Greater Sochi resort", which includes many nearby villages. Sochi is often called the summer capital of Russia.

Krasnodar region is in the south of the country. The Black Sea in the summer cools coast with breezes. In winter, on the contrary, it is warming, giving the accumulated heat of hot days. High Caucasus Mountains detain cold air currents coming from the north. The mild climate, abundant sunshine, warm sea, evergreen vegetation and picturesque countryside, clean air and fragrant dressed virgin forest mountains - all this has a beneficial effect on the human body and soul.

Sochi Park "Dendrarium" is a unique monument of landscape art, which represents about 2,000 species of plants from different parts of the Earth. It is located on the southern slope of Bald mountain in Khosta district of Sochi, and has the area of 50 hectares.

North Caucasus - a historical and cultural region of Russia. Includes northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and the Caucasus, (except for the eastern part, related to Azerbaijan), the western part of the southern slope to the river Psou (which forms the state border of Russia). This is the most populous region of the Russian Federation.

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